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Platform Updates

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Local Tools 1.9.5 Released – The Best Way To Manage a Tool Library

Improved User Search, Bug Fixes & More The latest version of the Local Tools platform has been sent live for all customers. A few especially important notes: Timezone and Hours: We’ve improved Timezone support in this release. Please log in and go to Settings -> Organization Info to ensure your Timezone,

Version 1.9: Redesign Started!

Version 1.9.1 of myTurn and Local Tools has been rolled out to all sites. The most visible change in this release is that we’ve started to integrate a number of design and user interface improvements.  We’d recommend clearing your browsers cache, or reloading if you see any “wonkiness” in the admin tools.

Local Tools 1.9: Reservations, Email and More!

Version 1.9 of Local Tools is now available – we know, it’s been a while! A few highlights from this release: Reservations: the main feature in this release is a first pass at “reservations”.  We’ll be updating the Administration Guide and posting instructions on how to enable and use reservations shortly.

Local Tools 1.8.4 Released: Cascading Lists and more

This release brings a ton of bug fixes and improvements, along with a few new features.  The main improvement is the way item types are selected. With the increase in type of items (media, kitchen, camera coming soon, etc.) we needed a better way to select the type of a

Local Tools 1.8.3 Released – Customizable Tool Status & More

This release focuses on the new customizable tool statuses.  This allows libraries to setup and edit a list of custom “states” that items can be in, including specifying if an item is “for sale”, “in maintenance”, “sold” or even “recycled”.  Items can be placed into one or more sates,a nd

Local Tools 1.8.2 Released – Inventory Reports & Improvements

New Features [LEND-739] – Inventory Report Bugs Fixed [LEND-679] – Can’t start cart for non-full-member when starting with an item [LEND-713] – NPE in weeklyCheckOutIn [LEND-717] – Admin stats are blank if there are no checkouts [LEND-718] – First data point in graphs is always 0 [LEND-736] – The Stats/Graphs

1.8.1 Released: Define Your Own Tool Categories & More

Version 1.8.1 of Local Tools, our lending library management system has been released.  The biggest addition to this release is the ability to define and edit your own tool categories.  In Local Tools, items are managed in a hierarchy (e.g. Hand Tools vs. Power Tools), and in a previous release

Local Tools 1.7.1 Released – Now with More Stats & Graphs

This is potentially our last release before 1.8, which will provide us with a better platform for some bigger features and user experience improvements.  The feedback we’ve been getting on the recent releases of Local Tools from some of the tool libraries we work with has been fabulous.  Keep an

Local Tools 1.7 Released with New Admin Dashboard

Local Tools 1.7 has been released with a brand new Admin Dashboard.  The new dashboard brings all commons tasks to one start page for administrators.  We’ll be adding additional reports and metrics, as well as simplifying the dashboard further. This release also brings the ability to categorize tools by “use”