The Easy Way to Manage a Lending Library

Please note that Local Tools is now myTurn! Please check out the myTurn website for more information! 

There are now thousands of myTurn powered Tool Libraries, Libraries of Things, and other sharing programs all around the world. From all volunteer non-profits, to huge organizations myTurn is helping power the Real Sharing Economy.

Local Tools make it easy to setup and manage rental shops, tool libraries, as well as, lending libraries for tools, kitchen goods, sporting goods, or just about anything.  You can manage inventory and members using a web-based system.  Create community, save time, and help provide access to the things people need.

  • Web based: nothing to install, you just need a web browser to administer the library
  • Display your inventory on the web, with photos and item availability
  •  Underutilized items in storage can be put into more productive use for you, your community or your organization