Local Tools 1.8.2 Released – Inventory Reports & Improvements

New Features

  • [LEND-739] – Inventory Report

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-679] – Can’t start cart for non-full-member when starting with an item
  • [LEND-713] – NPE in weeklyCheckOutIn
  • [LEND-717] – Admin stats are blank if there are no checkouts
  • [LEND-718] – First data point in graphs is always 0
  • [LEND-736] – The Stats/Graphs are Never updated
  • [LEND-738] – Stat cache timeout
  • [LEND-748] – Unnecessary trailing orgShortName on Admin Dashboard and Library Home urls
  • [LEND-749] – Error messages are missing from inventory browsing pages
  • [LEND-750] – Toggling between local and default on item editing page doesn’t always set the right values
  • [LEND-751] – Unable to change values for input type=”file” fields in new item layout
  • [LEND-752] – Checkboxes not rendering a text value for display
  • [LEND-753] – Error when adding new items to inventory
  • [LEND-754] – Editing an item causes all field data to be lost
  • [LEND-760] – Items should only reindex in Solr when org disabled status changes
  • [LEND-761] – Only tech admins should be allowed to change org’s shortName
  • [LEND-762] – Renewals sometimes does not properly check an item in before checking it back out (or something)
  • [LEND-763] – Broken image icon in cart when item has no image

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-349] – Add gender/sex to user search reports (and export)
  • [LEND-708] – Stat cache
  • [LEND-732] – Put item editing/check in/out links on the (end user) item info page
  • [LEND-733] – Improve tool editing page UI
  • [LEND-737] – Change display of stats/graphs cache status
  • [LEND-744] – Add membership expiration to user/member report and export
  • [LEND-745] – Add javascript validation to all fields that need it in the item editor
  • [LEND-747] – Prefill item editing fields with default value on override
  • [LEND-755] – Show item value page has a lot of blank space when fields are left empty
  • [LEND-756] – Improve itemType default value editing page in the same manner as item value editing page
  • [LEND-757] – Warn user that updating default item type values may take a long time
  • [LEND-758] – Swap out the YUI Rich Text Editor for TinyMCE or one that produces well-formed HTML
  • [LEND-734] – Add label field to Attribute