Local Tools 1.9: Reservations, Email and More!

Version 1.9 of Local Tools is now available – we know, it’s been a while! A few highlights from this release:
  • kill-a-watt-reserveReservations: the main feature in this release is a first pass at “reservations”.  We’ll be updating the Administration Guide and posting instructions on how to enable and use reservations shortly.
    • For those that can’t wait to try these features out, you need to enable them in both  “Settings -> Organization Info” and enable reservations for each item status under “Settings -> Edit Statuses”.
  • Email templates: Did you know you can edit the templates for loan reminders, new account confirmation messages, receipts and (now) reservations?  We’ve made these templates easier to find – just head over to Settings -> Email Templates when logged in as an admin.
  • Bug fixes: See the bolded items below for some of the fixes that a number of organizations have run into.
  • Local Tools is now a service of myTurn.  We formed myTurn to bring the advantages of “access over ownership” to a much wider audience — keep an eye out from some big announcements.
Our next couple releases will be coming out much faster and will be focusing on a combination of additional bug fixes and improved design/usability. As always, we’ll sneak some other improvements in as well.
Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-870] – Ampersands not properly encoded in Org name
  • [LEND-871] – Button to save on “Edit User” says “Create”
  • [LEND-880] – Payment history does not load for (some?) users
  • [LEND-881] – Can’t upload an organization logo
  • [LEND-889] – Once you tab into email field, javascript validation won’t let you leave it blank
  • [LEND-896] – Need nice errors when required fields are missing
  • [LEND-898] – Error when creating a new user
  • [LEND-900] – Error when adding a new item to inventory
  • [LEND-902] – Error in user password javascript prevents form submission
  • [LEND-917] – Link to edit email reminder template causes an error
  • [LEND-931] – Users cannot change their own password: it gives “There was a problem verifying your current password”

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-802] – Update description for full size image field
  • [LEND-907] – Add links to additional file/image to item page
  • [LEND-911] – Make sure we reindex when saving certain org settings
  • [LEND-923] – Make organization email address mandatory
  • [LEND-662] – Upgrade search engine

New Features

  • Reservation Requests
    • [LEND-909] – Add reservation button to search results and item page
    • [LEND-910] – Add reservation-ability to Search Engine
    • [LEND-929] – Hide “List Reservations” in admin navigation if org has reservations disabled.
    • [LEND-836] – List of all pending reservations for an organization, with status
    • [LEND-837] – List all of the reservations associated with an organization, regardless of the status
    • [LEND-838] – List all the reservations associated with an item
    • [LEND-839] – Implement “Next approved reservations, and next pending reservation, if and only if it’s before the next approved reservation, and after ‘now'”
    • [LEND-840] – Workflow: Organization approves a reservation request
    • [LEND-841] – Workflow: Organization rejects a request for a reservation
    • [LEND-842] – Display the next approved reservation and the next pending reservation if it’s before the next approved reservation on the cart when a tool is added to the cart
    • [LEND-843] – Offer a “reservation” button on the tool details page (and on the card?) when 1) the org supports reservations and 2) the user is logged in
    • [LEND-844] – Workflow: put a “reservation” button on the tool details page (and on the card?) when the user isn’t logged in; the button takes them to a login/register page, then to the reservation page.
    • [LEND-850] – Add a tool status indicator to flag items as unavailable for reservations.
    • [LEND-851] – Workflow: User requests a reservation for a tool
    • [LEND-835] – Verify that when an organization doesn’t allow reservations, it’s not possible to reserve their tools
    • [LEND-845] – Confirm that email is sent to organization and customer when: 1) user requests reservation ; 2) admin approves reservation 3) admin rejects reservation
  • [LEND-919] – Page to edit the various email templates (Admin -> Settings -> Email Templates)
  • Libraries vs. Shops
    • [LEND-874] – Setup/implement a new MessageSource that can give different message values for stores and libraries
    • [LEND-857] – Replace occurrences of “member” or “library” with a placeholder
    • [LEND-876] – Support both *.localtools.org and *.myturn.com URLs – and use the right kind based on the organization
    • [LEND-904] – Depending on URL for “pick a store”, only show the orgs of that type (library vs not-library)
  • Beter Address Support
    • [LEND-883] – Add javascript to switch principal subdivision display when user changes country drop down
    • [LEND-884] – Redo some of the country logic
    • Better address support will be used to support location based searches in the near future.


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