Local Tools 1.7 Released with New Admin Dashboard

Local Tools 1.7 has been released with a brand new Admin Dashboard.  The new dashboard brings all commons tasks to one start page for administrators.  We’ll be adding additional reports and metrics, as well as simplifying the dashboard further.

This release also brings the ability to categorize tools by “use” (Carpentry & Woodworking, Yard & Garden, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.) in addition to by type of tool.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

New Features

  • [LEND-602] – Admin Dashboard
  • [LEND-642] – Change navigation link to Admin Dashboard / Default Home Page
  • [LEND-374] – Ability to choose from a set of specific tags/categories for each item
  • [LEND-381] – Show user’s (member’s) transactions on that member’s account
  • [LEND-493] – Email user upon checking out a tool
  • [LEND-494] – Email user upon checking in a tool
  • [LEND-495] – Consolidate email from check in then check out when user renews tools
  • [LEND-584] – Automatically email a receipt after each transaction
  • [LEND-597] – Add ability to upload PDF and additional image
  • [LEND-624] – Put “checkin/renew” on cart page

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-578] – Email at checkout and checkin doesn’t obey user opt-out request
  • [LEND-599] – Hitting return to filter users when filtering users to select one to check a tool out to goes to the wrong place in IE
  • [LEND-608] – Edit page for attribute types does not work
  • [LEND-613] – Cart says user has overdue items, when they do not seem to
  • [LEND-621] – Background color issues with new gray bgcolor
  • [LEND-622] – When editing items quotes (and probably other characters) are not being escaped properly
  • [LEND-623] – Loan reminder emails are not being sent out automagically
  • [LEND-631] – Checkin transactions don’t keep track of the loan that was checked in
  • [LEND-633] – When using the old check in to renew an item, the cart ends up with items in it from multiple users
  • [LEND-637] – When item types have default values set, they do not affect existing items without a manual reindex
  • [LEND-639] – Problems saving default values for tool types
  • [LEND-643] – On the money report, the sorted-by arrow points up while the data is sorted descending (arrow should point down)
  • [LEND-644] – On the Money Report, the second page (and subsequent pages) is order ascending, when it should be descending
  • [LEND-646] – Some transactions for memberships have no MembershipFees to tie the transaction to the membership transition.
  • [LEND-648] – Automatic email reminders possibly sending out notices for tools already returned
  • [LEND-649] – Error when trying to preview reminder email
  • [LEND-627] – Prevent adding the same item twice to the cart when renewing


  • [LEND-615] – Update default layout to use nicer card layout that the custom sites use
  • [LEND-614] – Improve email validation on create/edit user pages
  • [LEND-616] – Generate drop shadow behind inventory cards with css
  • [LEND-618] – Replace default favicon

Tasks Completed

  • [LEND-603] – Convert attribute value (and default value) fields to MEMO/TEXT/blob. 255 chars isn’t enought
  • [LEND-632] – Re-attach checkins with their corresponding transaction
  • [LEND-634] – Convert existing data to new TransactionLineItem model
  •  [LEND-625] – Open accordion for check in only when there are items to check in
  • [LEND-626] – Show “no items to check in” instead of empty “select item” table; remove “enter late fees” when there are no items to check in
  • [LEND-628] – Get the right amount for recommended donation when renewing