Local Tools 1.8.3 Released – Customizable Tool Status & More

Items For Sale at the West Seattle Tool LibraryThis release focuses on the new customizable tool statuses.  This allows libraries to setup and edit a list of custom “states” that items can be in, including specifying if an item is “for sale”, “in maintenance”, “sold” or even “recycled”.  Items can be placed into one or more sates,a nd each state defines who can see items in that state, and whether the item can be checked out or not.

You can already see what the West Seattle Tool Library has listed For Sale!

New Feature

  • [LEND-764] – Create ability for libraries to create customized tool statuses (broken, in maintenance, for sale, sold, scrapped, etc.).

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-765] – Automated Loan Reminders Not Being Emailed Out
  • [LEND-766] – Item type name chopped off
  • [LEND-767] – Currently impossible to remove all statuses for an item
  • [LEND-772] – Preventing users from loading item pages for items they are not permitted to see

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-731] – Display when an item is “Disabled” on search results to organization admins
  • [LEND-768] – Display comma separated list of tool statuses on browse results and item page
  • [LEND-769] – Display more information when searching/browsing for tools
  • [LEND-770] – Validate category names when editing
  • [LEND-773] – Show availability and status to non-logged in users