Local Tools 1.8.4 Released: Cascading Lists and more

This release brings a ton of bug fixes and improvements, along with a few new features.  The main improvement is the way item types are selected. With the increase in type of items (media, kitchen, camera coming soon, etc.) we needed a better way to select the type of a new item or change the type of an existing item (also a new feature), so we decided to go with “cascading lists”:

You can see a full list of features, improvements and bug fixes below.

New Feature

  • [LEND-140] – Allow the type of item to be changed, use a new cascading list to select item types
  • [LEND-740] – Member Report


  • [LEND-730] – Provide better error message when a badly formatted image is uploaded
  • [LEND-741] – Resize uploaded organization logos
  • [LEND-775] – Improve error message when entering an invalid username on the account creation form
  • [LEND-776] – Fix Member Search by Email Address
  • [LEND-782] – Stale DB connections causing issues
  • [LEND-784] – Improve usability for tool type selection when creating a new tool, and when editing defaults for item types.
  • [LEND-785] – Make it possible for orgadmins to change the type of an item.
  • [LEND-786] – Clean up buttons for “edit item type”
  • [LEND-791] – Set default expiration on “regular” memberships to 1yr
  • [LEND-792] – Move to Three Column Layout for Library Logos
  • [LEND-793] – Resize logos to 200px wide automatically
  • [LEND-798] – Ensure correct name is used for item in admin and search if using a default from the “type”
  • [LEND-800] – Make sure item type list is sorted
  • [LEND-806] – Change request memberships to have a default loan length of 7 when orgs are created
  • [LEND-822] – Add library name to default layout search and browse results


Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-795] – Convert to more recent image libraries to reduce errors
  • [LEND-507] – Multiple separate trips required to find out all the problems with a new user creation (orgadmin) ex: bad email; password mismatch,…
  • [LEND-726] – Membership type created even after error seemingly prevents it
  • [LEND-781] – When trying to create an account, user gets the message that passwords do not match even when they do
  • [LEND-788] – Date of birth day/month lost when editing users
  • [LEND-789] – Paging layout issue in default layout on last row if it is not full
  • [LEND-790] – After running a manual loan reminder for all users on a report, it says, “Email sent” on a page without sidenav.
  • [LEND-796] – Changing item type does not reindex the item
  • [LEND-797] – Nasty error when uploading non-image to image field
  • [LEND-799] – Error checking out and upgrading membership from request to full
  • [LEND-803] – Should not be able to “change item type” when creating a new item
  • [LEND-804] – Disabled users show up in the “check in/out” list but clicking on them to start a cart gives a server error
  • [LEND-807] – Some times, the due date is “today” (combination of other issues)
  • [LEND-814] – Editing Org Description gives ugly error when Description is too long

Tasks Completed

  • [LEND-805] – Change non-full memberships to have the same loan length as the full membership with the shortest loan length (to fix “today as a due date?!”)