Version 1.9: Redesign Started!

myTurn-adminVersion 1.9.1 of myTurn and Local Tools has been rolled out to all sites. The most visible change in this release is that we’ve started to integrate a number of design and user interface improvements.  We’d recommend clearing your browsers cache, or reloading if you see any “wonkiness” in the admin tools.  A fuller list of changes and bug fixes is included at the end of this message.

Over the next few releases we’ll be continuing to simplify the user interface and make it more mobile and tablet friendly.  We’ll also be introducing a way for admins to override styles and colors on your inventory pages.

Staten Island Tool LibraryWe’re also thrilled our system is being used to both help with the ongoing relief efforts and to help build resilient communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Staten Island Tool Library is one of the first of these groups to formally open their doors. Check out their inventory!

We’re also supporting efforts on the Rockaway peninsula, in Sheepshead Bay, and other locations affected by Sandy.  As always, we appreciate your feedback and let us know if you have any questions.

Gene and the myTurn Team

Version 1.9.1 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-943] – Error that old password was entered unsuccessfully not cleared upon successful password change
  • [LEND-961] – WYSIWYG Editor no longer working on Org editing page
  • [LEND-940] – It is possible to browse the inventory of disabled organizations, even when not logged in
  • [LEND-941] – Nicer message on inventory/browse page when org is disabled
  • [LEND-942] – Make it possible for org admins to browse/search even when their org is disabled
  • [LEND-920] – Top tool graph is not picking up the default name of an item when a name is not entered for the item
  • [LEND-930] – Org email allowed to be blank
  • [LEND-938] – NPE at adminOrganization/show/X for orgs with no membership types
  • [LEND-905] – “Unable to record donation” message

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-960] – Use HTML5 input types on forms
  • [LEND-787] – On the “Edit Item” screen, make “Change Type” a button rather than link
  • [LEND-894] – List common countries at top of country list of addresses
  • [LEND-925] – Change date input field order to month/day/year for date of birth
  • [LEND-935] – Integrate new design into admin
  • [LEND-936] – Clean up new styles
  • [LEND-964] – Remember what menus are open in the accordion sidenav menu
  • [LEND-928] – Use lightbox for loan reminder preview messages
  • [LEND-954] – Add link to item page on emailed check out receipt so users can get more information about an item (e.g. link to manual/etc. if provided)