Local Tools 1.6.8 Released!

This will be the last release in the 1.6.x series, and we’ll be moving on to 1.7 where we have some bigger changes planned.  This release focuses on minor improvements, fixing Internet Explorer support for IE7 through IE9 and adding the start of email receipts for transactions (like check-in/check-out).

We strongly recommend libraries check, edit and save their email receipt templates.  You can do this by going to Organization Info in the left navigation, then clicking on “Edit Receipt Email Template”. Once you edit and save the templates for the first time, logged in users will be able to request a receipt for their transactions to be emailed to them from the “Your Account” link in the left navigation.

Bugs Squashed

  • [LEND-587] – The quick check in/out box does not warn when the item to be checked out is disabled
  • [LEND-590] – Issues with IE: can’t add item to cart, other form buttons not working
  • [LEND-600] – Paging by tool type in the admin loses the tool type/criteria on the second page of results
  • Improvement
  • [LEND-588] – Put warning at top of cart if user has overdue tools, even if late fee is not charged.
  • [LEND-592] – Add Google Analytics to custom layouts

New Features

  • [LEND-493] – Email user upon checking out a tool (currently disabled for all libraries)
  • [LEND-494] – Email user upon checkin (currently disabled for all libraries)
  • [LEND-569] – Opt-out option from email for checkout and checkin
  • [LEND-570] – Allow orgadmins to configure the template for the email sent upon checkout
  • [LEND-571] – Allow orgadmins to edit the template of the email sent to users when members checkin tools
  • [LEND-580] – Transaction report in My Account
  • [LEND-581] – Receipt-looking transaction details in My Account
  • [LEND-582] – Email button on receipt so it can be re-sent to user
  • [LEND-591] – On the cart, show whether and org has credit card info on file

Tweaks for Existing Libraries

  • [LEND-601] – Remove members self-registration for Vancouver Tool Library

Not Yet Enabled Functionality

  • [LEND-579] – Comment out emailing automatically on check in/check out. Need to review what gets emailed.