Local Tools 1.6.7 Released

A relatively modest release with just under 20 fixes and improvements. We had originally planned to add emailed receipts for when users check items in and out, but have pushed that back to the next release.

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-550] – Editing a user resets/deletes their year of birth
  • [LEND-555] – Empty/null values are displaying as [object Object] in datatables
  • [LEND-557] – Membership transitions and payments are recorded on failed cart submits
  • [LEND-560] – Items without a name are not displayed properly in transaction layout


  • [LEND-477] – Record add-time of items
  • [LEND-525] – Allow organizations to set a home page URL in organization preferences
  • [LEND-536] – Clean up and simplify the layout
  • [LEND-537] – Validate email address without submitting on account creation forms
  • [LEND-552] – Add a link to the admin and logout to custom inventory pages
  • [LEND-556] – Improve how the fee/contribution columns are formatted

New Features

  • [LEND-449] – Keep track of the user’s membership id (assigned by the organization for the user, regardless of membership transitions). see also LEND-448
  • [LEND-530] – Allow loading the cart page for non-full users but WARN that they must record a new membership (upgrade/renew) to proceed
  • [LEND-531] – Add javascript to the cart.jsp page to not let orgadmin checkout a user who isn’t full member without ALSO entering a membership upgrade/renewal/extend
  • [LEND-540] – Change cart processing so that an orgadmin can checkout a user who’s paying for membership at the same time as borrowing tools (ex: for the first time, or lapsed membership)