Local Tools 1.6.6 Released!

What started as a “quick fixes” release, turned into a release with over 40 new features, improvements, and bug fixes.  The full list is below.  We’re already hard at work on the next release — not to mention at updating the main Local Tools site.


New Features
[LEND-490] – Keep track of “message about user” in the user-organization object. This should be displayed on the user details page, and on check out and check in.
[LEND-496] – Alert orgadmin if they are checking out/in a user who has a “message about the user” (popup the alert when they click checkout or checkin or renew)
[LEND-532] – Warn when orgadmin puts a value in membership $, but doesn’t renew/upgrade, the amount goes away. Warn instead.

[LEND-424] – Better UI for date of birth entry
[LEND-467] – Add late fees to “my loans” page
[LEND-472] – Give nice error when user tries to record late fees but checks in no items
[LEND-489] – Display total late fees outstanding in addition to total late fees for items being checked in
[LEND-491] – Hide the message-about-the-user from the user (it should not be displayed on the user’s page about themselves)
[LEND-498] – Have Disabled items show up in search for org admins with “DISABLED” text at end of name
[LEND-500] – Can’t just change the membership expiration date, have to set membership type
[LEND-502] – Check in comments should be listed in the same places as check out comments (e.g. money report)
[LEND-511] – Label required fields on account creation forms
[LEND-512] – Warn user about mismatched passwords on account creation form via JS (do not wait for submit)
[LEND-513] – Make first name appear before last name on account creation/editing forms
[LEND-521] – Add org internal ID#s to custom search results
[LEND-522] – Create one form to check in/out an item
[LEND-526] – Add action buttons to top of tool and user details view
[LEND-527] – Add admin and logout links to browse pages when logged in
[LEND-528] – Initial UI overhaul (left nav, header, main body of the page)
[LEND-534] – Make sure Delete/Remove button is never obscured in cart

Bugs Fixed
[LEND-398] – Money attributes are allowed to be “” but when used in a recommended donation, it causes errors at checkout
[LEND-443] – List all members drop down resets to “Show all types” on error
[LEND-445] – Member Details transactions -> Details can provide error page
[LEND-473] – On myLoans page, paging loans doesn’t work
[LEND-479] – Confirm and fix: you can check in an item that’s already in (if it is checked in while you’re on the checkin page – “race” condition)
[LEND-504] – Admin status on user details always says the user is an admin, even when they are not
[LEND-505] – Long, ugly error message when checking out an item that was “stolen” from under the current cart’s nose
[LEND-506] – Multiple separate trips required to find out all the problems with a new user creation (orgadmin) ex: bad email; password mismatch,…
[LEND-510] – Can’t check out a tool with that has no default condition (if a condition is not set in the cart)
[LEND-514] – New users don’t get a most_recent_transition_id when they’re created
[LEND-515] – “Grant membership” on the user details page does not cause the most_recent_transotopn_id to be set
[LEND-516] – Memberships with no expiration show as expiring today on the “upgrade/renew”
[LEND-518] – Internal id is missing from search results in custom layouts
[LEND-519] – Obsolete warning on org admin create user page
[LEND-520] – Expiration set to null when checking a tool in
[LEND-529] – Add the “membership upgrade” box to the “new member” page
[LEND-539] – Trying to start a cart for a non-Full member functionality regression

User Stories Added
[LEND-384] – Display late fees owed on check out
[LEND-488] – If a user’s membership has expired, the membership accordian on the cart should be “open”

Tasks Performed
[LEND-355] – Figure out rental periods : per tool? per user/membership type?
[LEND-497] – Set the expiration to “one year after the last membership transition” for memberships of founding or regular.
[LEND-517] – Fix memberships without a most_recent_transition_id


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact form, on Twitter or Facebook.