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Investing More in Sharing

People — including investors — are learning that access trumps ownership. When you think about it, do you want to own a saw, or do you want a board cut or carved?  Do you want the drill, or the hole the drill can create? Call it Collaborative Consumption, The Mesh, or The Sharing

Open-source Blueprints for a Civilization Starter Kit!

A short, but excellent TED talk from Marcin Jakubowski of the Open Source Ecology introduces the “Global Village Construction Set”.  What are the 50 tools that are needed to start a civilization?  Can they be made by “normal people” so that they are affordable, efficient, robust and and can last

Woodworking Project: Trivet

A trivet is a quick and easy project that can be used either in the kitchen or as part of a more formal setting in the dining room, depending on your needs. The project can be easily built from start to finish in a weekend (indeed in a day if