Were it not for the tool library, I would not have the tools I need


This great story on the Community Partnership of the Ozarks tool library from KY3 in Springfield, MO is worth checking out.

“Were it not for the tool library, I would not have the tools I need”.

Investing More in Sharing

People — including investors — are learning that access trumps ownership. When you think about it, do you want to own a saw, or do you want a board cut or carved?  Do you want the drill, or the hole the drill can create?

Call it Collaborative ConsumptionThe Mesh, or The Sharing Economy, the main premises are consistent: usership versus ownership; access over excess; and experiences trumping possessions. Two best-selling books (What’s Mine Is Yours, The Mesh) have been written on the topic, the concept has been featured in every mainstream media outlet you can think of, and it’s starting to have an impact on the choices people make in their daily lives.

Read more at Shareable Design Magazine. Let’s hope that the startup communities in other places, like Seattle, start to take notice.

Open-source Blueprints for a Civilization Starter Kit!

A short, but excellent TED talk from Marcin Jakubowski of the Open Source Ecology introduces the “Global Village Construction Set”.  What are the 50 tools that are needed to start a civilization?  Can they be made by “normal people” so that they are affordable, efficient, robust and and can last a lifetime?  Watch the video to find out!


Woodworking Project: Trivet

A trivet is a quick and easy project that can be used either in the kitchen or as part of a more formal setting in the dining room, depending on your needs. The project can be easily built from start to finish in a weekend (indeed in a day if you use fairly fast-setting glue). We used some left-over scraps of Cherry to build this trivet, but you can use any hardwood – particularly as the wood does not come into direct contact with the hot pots and pans.

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