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Local Tools 1.9.5 Released – The Best Way To Manage a Tool Library

Improved User Search, Bug Fixes & More

The latest version of the Local Tools platform has been sent live for all customers. A few especially important notes:

  1. Timezone and Hours: We’ve improved Timezone support in this release. Please log in and go to Settings -> Organization Info to ensure your Timezone, Hours, etc. are set correctly.
  2. user-searchUser Search & Export: We’ve improved the User search functionality and added a keyword search directly to the left navigation. Please note that this does not yet search the member id. As always you can export your member database at the bottom of any (keyword or advanced) search result.
  3. Reservation Request Improvements: We’ve improved the messaging and notifications for the “reservations requests”. Please note that the system does not yet enforce one reservations per time period, but we do add a red warning to any item added to a shopping cart that has an upcoming reservation.  You can enable reseravtion request support in your Organization Options.

Many of the changes are under the covers, and there were over 70 bug fixes and improvements in this release — and a fuller list can be found below. If you have suggestions improvements, new features or better ways to engage your users and customers, please let us know!  We’re committed to building an incredible, easy to use tool library, asset tracking and lending library platform.

Lastly, please connect with us on TwitterFacebook, and/or Google+ to keep up with what we’re doing between releases.


  • Implement a keyword search for users.  Put a “search user” box in the sidenav.
  • Add membership type filter to Search Member functionality.
  • Added links to items loaned out to Email reminders
  • Changes to calculate end of day based on the current organization’s timezone.
  • Reservations should default to non-0
  • Add a link on the reservation list to go to a pre-filled cart for that item+user
  • Display what is being searched for on the User Search
  • Make sure to schedule the email reminder job in the store’s timezone.
  • Export membership expiration date in store-tz
  • Change non-expired memberships to expire at the end of the store’s day

Bug Fixes

  • Cascading item type selection fixed for Chrome on Mac OSX
  • Canceling an item type change goes to the wrong place, gives wrong message
  • Cascading list of item types doesn’t get a horizontal scrollbar on FireFox when it gets wider than a certain point
  • Change wording on report date parameters to “on or after” and “on or before”
  • Org Admin can’t edit their own account
  • Create User (from org admin interface) does not validate the date
  • Fix autofill functionality
  • Fix sorting
  • Look at the time at which daily rentals are due
  • First time going to user details page, transactions are incorrect/misordered

AP: Need a Tool? Libraries Lending More than Books.

While this is no surprise to us, since we both track tool and lending libraries around the country and offer a tool library software platform to make it easy to start new ones. It’s great to see the AP picking up the story:

In a number of communities across the U.S., it’s possible to borrow tools, musical instruments, fishing poles and much more from the local public library. The trend expands the traditional role of the library as a community resource for free knowledge. Libraries see the programs as a new way to offer residents a chance to learn — just not necessarily with a book.

Also always, check out out interactive map of Tool Libraries around the US and Canada




$2,000+ to Help Start a Tool Library In Your Community

For all those those aspiring tool (or kitchen, music, toy, etc.) libraries just starting up or looking to expand, the Center for a New American Dream is offering $2,000 or more for community projects in the U.S. (and Canada!).


A chance to raise $2,000 or more for your neighborhood project!

Whether it’s a neighborhood garden, a community swap, or a tool lending library, the Center for a New American Dream knows that your block, street, or neighborhood has an exciting project just waiting to come to life.We’re here to help make that a reality through the Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge.


Learn more at:

Local Tools 1.8.3 Released – Customizable Tool Status & More

Items For Sale at the West Seattle Tool LibraryThis release focuses on the new customizable tool statuses.  This allows libraries to setup and edit a list of custom “states” that items can be in, including specifying if an item is “for sale”, “in maintenance”, “sold” or even “recycled”.  Items can be placed into one or more sates,a nd each state defines who can see items in that state, and whether the item can be checked out or not.

You can already see what the West Seattle Tool Library has listed For Sale!

New Feature

  • [LEND-764] – Create ability for libraries to create customized tool statuses (broken, in maintenance, for sale, sold, scrapped, etc.).

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-765] – Automated Loan Reminders Not Being Emailed Out
  • [LEND-766] – Item type name chopped off
  • [LEND-767] – Currently impossible to remove all statuses for an item
  • [LEND-772] – Preventing users from loading item pages for items they are not permitted to see

Improvements Made

  • [LEND-731] – Display when an item is “Disabled” on search results to organization admins
  • [LEND-768] – Display comma separated list of tool statuses on browse results and item page
  • [LEND-769] – Display more information when searching/browsing for tools
  • [LEND-770] – Validate category names when editing
  • [LEND-773] – Show availability and status to non-logged in users


West Seattle Tool Library Now Open!

West Seattle Tool Library LogoThe West Seattle Tool Library launched their new tool sharing/lending library using Local Tools on June 12th (check out their inventory online).  The tool library management system allows administrators to easily manage inventory, check tools in and out, and let the community know what tools are available to borrow.  We may be adding the ability for tool library members to reserve tools online for pickup during regular West Seattle Tool Library hours.

Woodworking Project: Trivet

A trivet is a quick and easy project that can be used either in the kitchen or as part of a more formal setting in the dining room, depending on your needs. The project can be easily built from start to finish in a weekend (indeed in a day if you use fairly fast-setting glue). We used some left-over scraps of Cherry to build this trivet, but you can use any hardwood – particularly as the wood does not come into direct contact with the hot pots and pans.

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